Student Information

Student Name

Loyd Kim




Internship Information

Company/Organization: Fort Lee Medical Center

Mentor(s):Dr. Yu

Topic of Internship

Medical Center

Background Information

The Fort Lee Medical Center is a medical center located in Fort Lee, New Jersey. It is one of four medical centers located in the Bergen County (Harrington Park, Northvale, and Tenafly being the other three); Tenafly acts as the main branch. The Fort Lee Medical Center is the youngest of the four, for it was built less than a year ago. Despite that, its name is spreading both on the Internet and through word of mouth. The Fort Lee Medical Center strives to provide for its patients' care in both physical and mental health by prescribing the proper medicine to help cure physical conditions as well as providing psychological aide, which helps to lessen mental stress. The best quality of the Fort Lee Medical Center is its ability to bring smiles to its patients, which is all thanks to its wonderful staff. The Fort Lee Medical Center is an excellent medical facility that will continue to tend to its patients for the many years to come.

Summary of Internship

Being an intern for the Fort Lee Medical Center is amazing, to say the least. Being that I am a timid person, I felt very nervous on my first day here, and, being that it is a medical center, I felt that it would boast a super stiff atmosphere and a very serious staff. However, I was wrong to assume that. The staff is very friendly. Ever since my first day at internship, I have always felt accepted by the staff. The receptionists kindly greet me, and my mentor, Dr. Yu, always welcomes me with a friendly smile, as well as the other doctors. The amiable nature of each member of the staff makes the medical center a very attractive place. I would follow Dr. Yu to her patients, introduce myself, and take notes on my phone. Thereafter, I document the notes into my laptop for future reference, for I pick up on knowledge of various medical conditions and the methods doctors use to communicate with each of their patients. I also take notes on how each patient, although he or she may have the same medical condition(s), reveals different reactions to each of his or her condition(s). I am always learning something new here everyday, and I am very glad to have an internship here. I will forever be thankful to the wonderful staff that treats me like family.

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