Student Information

Student Name

Neil Gevaria




Internship Information

Company/Organization: Security drugs

Mentor(s):Francine Samuel

Topic of Internship


Background Information

Previously, it was a established pharmacy business, and the current owner of the pharmacy took over the business in 1999. The business was renovated in 2001. Currently, this business has around 10 employees working in the store. It is a private-owned community pharmacy located in East Bronx, New York which helps the people in the community get their prescription medication, medical supplies and household items. Whatever the community needs, we try to serve the community.

Summary of Internship

Pharmacy isn't all fun and games. At first, the internship may seem boring, because of all the small tasks given to the intern such as counting pills, retrieving bottles and such. There is much more to learn because now of all times, Pharmacy has turned into a regulation of medication. For example, the amount of pills given and the dosage usually relate to the amount of times the person has to take it per day or what strength it has. Additionally, every patient has a different medication for him or herself. For example, one person may need blood pressure medication every month while another might need asthma medication. Additionally, many people have multiple prescriptions for multiple reasons. With all this, one becomes familiar with drug names (brand name and other trade names) and their effects and what they should not be taken with and what they should be taken with.

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