Student Information

Student Name

Kara Couchman




Internship Information

Company/Organization: Sweet Sounds Recording Studios

Mentor(s):James Gill, Dinesh Boaz, Stephenie Guak

Topic of Internship

Audio Engineering

Background Information

Sweet Sounds Recording Studios is a studio for upcoming or established artists that has been up and running since 2006. Previously, it was located on 14th street but it was moved to Broadway in Soho, New York. It was built at its new location from the ground up, and the comfortable 1500 sq. ft. setting gives off a great relaxed vibe for clients. The studio is run by very talented, very experienced engineers and musicians who are capable of producing, mixing, tracking, and mastering for a wide variety of genres. The equipment ranges for both analog and digital recording, and the studio features the Neve 5088 console which was hand-made in Europe, transferred to Sweet Sounds, and modified in the studio to fit the sound qualities for its designated room. It welcomes those artists who seek a personal, professional, laid-back experience in recording their works. The studio also welcomes companies doing commercials and who wish to record Audio Books. The priority at the studio is to satisfy clients and create good music, and the employees are always successful in achieve that goal every day.

Summary of Internship

At Sweet Sounds Recording Studios, my job can vary from updating social media to breaking down the different tools in a live room. I usually clean up around the studio as much as I can, and sometimes I get opportunities to sit in during sessions. My mentor, James, teaches me a lot about microphones and how they work. He also teaches me about different wires and what they are used for when it comes to setting up or tearing down a live room. I also learn about sound boards and how the controls function during a session. In addition to working around the studio, sometimes I run errands and get a taste of downtown New York City. For a short while, I thought I was wasting time on the days I stayed on my computer the whole day. I learned that days like those are part of the learning experience, and Iím thankful for all the knowledge Iíve been gaining during this time period.

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