Student Information

Student Name

Joel Castaneda




Internship Information

Company/Organization: The V Spot

Mentor(s):Daniel Carabano, Alex Carabano, Steve Smich

Topic of Internship


Background Information

Daniel Carabano, the owner and founder of The V Spot Restaurant in Brooklyn, New York, came up with the bright idea of opening a vegan restaurant specializing in Latin cuisine. During the last decade, people have started to become aware of how dangerous it is to eat fast food such as McDonalds, Burger King, Wendy’s, etc. it is this reason why people are starting to eat healthier, perhaps becoming vegetarians which would cut out all meat and dairy products. Daniel took veganism and Latin cuisine and made the perfect combination. The V Spot is the only restaurant known to specialize in Latin cuisine. Many people are so close minded into thinking that the only thing they can eat is “meat”. But people have come to see that there are many other ways to obtain the same protein with a healthier diet. That is what The V Spot is all about.

Summary of Internship

Being able to change someone’s mindset about their eating habits is an amazing experience for me. The single fact that I have to take the train to get to Brooklyn, NY every Thursday is a nice experience itself. Since the first day I started my internship in the restaurant, I had a good feeling about it. Everyone is really nice and friendly with each other. I came up with ideas with what to do to draw more people inside the restaurant. This is what brought me to do sampling my first day of internship. Doing free sampling outside the restaurant is an easy task for me because I am comfortable with talking to people and trying to convince them about a new idea. Ever since, more and more people have started coming inside the restaurant. Not only do I do sampling but I also help out with managing the restaurant myself. It is amazing how this internship is building my business skills, which is what I want to study in college. These past months have also been great for the restaurant because we have started to come out on T.V channels such as Chanel 12 News, Telemundo, and CBS. Being able to see the place where you intern at in the news is a great feeling.

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