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Student Name

Veevek Shah




Internship Information

Company/Organization: Mt. Sinai Medical Center

Mentor(s):Dr. Janet Serle and Dr. Dipali Dave

Topic of Internship


Background Information

Founded back in 1852 by the philanthropist Sampson Simson, the Mt. Sinai Medical Center continues to be a leader in clinical care and research. The Mt. Sinai Medical Center comprises of the Mt. Sinai Hospital and Icahn School of Medicine, which is one of the most prominent schools for medical education and research. One of the most highly eulogized departments at Mt. Sinai Medical Center is the Department of Ophthalmology. The Department of Ophthalmology boasts 100 voluntary faculty members through the New York area. Using state of the art technology, research scientists are trying to find treatment and cures for the most perilous eye diseases: glaucoma, uveitis, and macular degeneration. Continuing to operate on the ideologies it was built on (patient care, research, education, and community service), the faculty members at Mt. Sinai Medical Center continue to improve the world.

Summary of Internship

As an intern in the ophthalmology department, I have had the unique opportunity to conduct a clinical research trial with the aid of my mentors, Dr. Janet Serle and Dr. Dipali Dave. As an acolyte in the world of research, Dr. Serle helped me with my research topic. As technology continues to advance, medical technology does as well. Many departments in many hospitals are making the transfer from paper health records to electronic health records. In many places, it has proven to be more efficient and beneficial. Therefore, my job was to create clinical research trial in order to see the efficacy of paper health records versus electronic health records (EHRs) in the field of ophthalmology. I created a meticulous procedure in order to accurately measure the efficiency of paper health records and electronic health records. For data collection, the first few months, I shadowed Dr. Serle and timed her on how long it took her to check each patient while the department was still using paper health records. Then, for a few months, I timed her efficiency while she used EPIC, the electronic health records that Mt. Sinai uses. This was a very rewarding experience because I want to become an ophthalmologist in the near future and learning how to conduct a successful research trail is so vital to my success. However, because of this internship, I was also able to watch a surgery that Dr. Serle performed and got a sense of how a typical day is for a glaucoma specialist. This internship with definitely be helpful for my future.

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