Student Information

Student Name

Sheanine Samson




Internship Information

Company/Organization: O&S Associates, Inc.

Mentor(s):Mr. Suchi Jayasena

Topic of Internship

Structural Engineering

Background Information

O&S Associates, Inc. is a diverse consulting engineering firm that specializes in several disciplines. The main areas of focus of the firm include the planning, design and restoration of multi-level parking structures, exterior building fašade evaluations, and roof assessments, including architectural, structural, mechanical and electrical systems. The firm has been in business for almost 15 years and has six locations located throughout the country and internationally. The staff of extremely experienced engineers, architects and restoration specialists have worked together and completed hundreds of parking garage projects and restoration projects for over 150 private and public clients. In addition to providing excellent service, the firm does its best to satisfy further by saving clients money by reducing construction costs, but not sacrificing the durability and efficiency of the service through unique designs and carefully selected materials. The firm strongly believes that each project comes with its own special set of conditions, objectives, and constraints. By focusing on the needs of each project, the firm has been able to produce successful projects on a timely basis and within budget.

Summary of Internship

As an intern at O&S Associates, Inc., I was given the opportunity to see everything that goes into the restoration of creation of a project. Even though I did not have the experience to work deep within a project, I was still able to contribute to the firm. Some of the tasks included preparing drawing sheets to be mailed out to each prospective client as well as marking up the drawing sheet myself to indicate certain measurements and properties of the individual project. I was also given the opportunity to learn and utilize programs including RAM Modeler and AutoCAD, programs that the firm uses regularly to simulate and create the plans and drawing sheets for their prospective projects. Within the office environment, I am able to see how each member of the firm works together in order to put out a project. Through this internship, I have been given an idea of what it is like to be an engineer and work together with a team in order to create a successful, efficient, and fulfilling project.

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