Student Information

Student Name

Kathleen Leigh Baltazar




Internship Information

Company/Organization: Maye Musk Nutrition International

Mentor(s):Maye Musk, Dina Zamfotis

Topic of Internship


Background Information

Anti-aging expert, nutrition spokesperson, speaker, counselor and registered dietitian, Maye Musk is an accomplished woman with a career that has stood the test of time for over forty years and taken her to seven cities in three countries. Maye has been featured on TV channels CNN, ABC, MSNBC and Fox, and magazines Shape, OK!, Prevention and Fitness to help multitudes of people lose weight and gain energy. An accomplished model for over fifty years, Maye not only helps her clients feel more beautiful by promoting a healthy lifestyle, but she also helps them feel fantastic every day!

Summary of Internship

Every Thursday is always spontaneous. I have had days from where my projects are to bake healthy food items to days where my projects include doing research on how the media influences a young person's idea of health. Although my mentor is a registered dietitian, I have also learned what it is like to work in private practice and the responsibilities one has to work independently. Traveling into the city for me means taking a bus and a subway and at first asking people for directions all the time. Interning with Maye was definitely one of the biggest reality checks of my senior year. Since she is still modeling internationally, her time away means that I have to work from home and stay on top of my assignments because when I see Maye next, there are still expectations kept in mind. Maye is my mentor; however, she is so down to earth that we were able to establish a relationship beyond just working. She is not only my mentor but a role model in the fact that she lives to her word and is the epitome of staying young.

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