Student Information

Student Name

Priya Kabaria




Internship Information

Company/Organization: Hackensack Pediatrics

Mentor(s):Dr. Mohamed A. Tantawi

Topic of Internship


Background Information

Located not even two minutes away from Hackensack University Medical Center, Hackensack Pediatrics is one of the most successful pediatric practices in New Jersey. Dr. Mona Tantawi began the practice almost thirty years ago in 1985. Since then, Dr. Tantawi, with the help of my mentor, Dr. Mohamed Tantawi, and four other pediatricians, has made Hackensack Pediatrics into a first-class practice for children and adolescents. The practice consists of a total of six pediatricians along with numerous medical assistants and nurses. It takes care of thousands of patients from newborns to age twenty-six. The practice is always growing and continues to provide superior service to its many patients.

Summary of Internship

The environment at Hackensack Pediatrics can be fast-paced and relaxed, goofy and serious, exciting and routine. It is the perfect place for someone who wants to become a doctor to intern. Being at Hackensack Pediatrics showed me the reality of being a doctor and what you can expect to experience and do every day. Right from the first day, I started shadowing Dr. Mohammed Tantawi (aka Dr. Mo) and listened in on all his appointments. I also prepare vaccines and help Dr. Mo with whatever he needs. Observing a doctor for six hours may seem boring but that is totally not the case. I learned a lot about how to diagnose patients and could sometimes diagnose patients myself. Dr. Mo is also a great mentor and pediatrician; he is very understanding, optimistic, caring, knowledgeable, and rational. It is no surprise that the practice is successful because all the doctors are also great and knowledgeable people. Besides shadowing, I also get to meet and talk to patients and sometimes see really interesting things like freezing warts and removing stitches. I definitely recommend Hackensack Pediatrics for anyone who likes medicine, kids and wants to enjoy their internship.

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