Student Information

Student Name

Kennedy Smith




Internship Information

Company/Organization: JAMBOX Entertainment

Mentor(s):Cathy Palmisano, Lee Evans

Topic of Internship

Music Management

Background Information

JAMBOX Entertainment is an "umbrella" company. The companies under it are: JAMBOX Recording Studio, REACH OUT, Inc. (a non-profit organization) & Lori Michaels Productions. JAMBOX Recording Studios (est. in 1992) continues to provide a home base for many of NYCís finest artists & corporations with all types of recording needs JAMBOX Entertainment and Recording Studio in NYC has become a choice spot to record music, corporate voiceovers, live radio interviews and audio/video projects.

Summary of Internship

At JAMBOX Recording Studios my job is to clean the studios and make sure they are in great condition and ready to be used. I try and assist any engineers from JAMBOX by turning on one of the three studios when it is about to be used for a session. My duties as an intern entail answering phone calls, stuffing envelopes, scrubbing carpets, keeping the studio clean, making the place look neat and inviting, cleaning records, calling record companies, Street teaming, updating the agenda, taking out the garbage and filing the clients documents. Sometimes I even spend my day running errands such as going to Broadway to pick up checks for the company.

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