Student Information

Student Name

Haralambos Gelestathis




Internship Information

Company/Organization: Bergen Spine Center

Mentor(s):Artur Mullokandov

Topic of Internship

Physical Therapy

Background Information

Bergen Spine Center is a prestigious chiropractic center in Fairview NJ. At BSC there is a wide variety of doctors there for various reasons. Dr. Brian Wraith is the owner of the practice and the head chiropractor,Dr. Artur Mullokandov is the head physical therapist at the practice. BSC's goal is to properly and formally take care of its patients in a timely orderly manner.

Summary of Internship

At my internship every week I would observe my mentor Artur Mullokandov and occasionally get to work with patients. I experienced what a physical therapist really does on a daily basis. I would bring ice in for patients, apply the heating pad, sometimes I would even put the electric stimulation on patients that would give consent. Overall the experience was very enjoyable and different. I interacted with various people, the range of age was from teenagers to the elderly. I did whatever I could that would help my mentor out.

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