Student Information

Student Name

Jada Drayton




Internship Information

Company/Organization: Dwight Morrow High School Athletic Department

Mentor(s):Joseph Armental

Topic of Internship


Background Information

Dwight Morrow Athletics, home of the Maroon Raiders, is located in Dwight Morrow High School. Under the supervision of Joe Armental, resposibilities include directing athletic activities, supervising the coordination of athletic events, managing athletic department budgets and more. Outside of these requirements, Mr. Armental may also participate in the development of athletic fundraising. Additionally, Mr. Armental serves as a mediator with sports conferences or division administrators. Employees of the Athletic Department ensure that the required playing fields for all athletes are set up, ready for use and transportation is issued when needed. Prior to that, the athletic department condones only student athletes by making sure students remain eligible for sports. DM athletics acknowledges that good grades come first. From the Athletic Director to the Athletic Trainer, DM Athletics promotes good sportsmanship, grades and teamwork.

Summary of Internship

All athletic events is our focus, whether events, games, and ceremonies that I assist in. We also have to make sure students know about the games in order to have a crowd to come and support. Beginning of Internship, fall season sports was our focus. That's when I would make flyers for fan buses to go to away games and programs given out at home games with players information. For special events, such as homecoming or breast cancer awareness we would be the ones to help decorate the fields and show school spirit spreading the word. This is only the half of it; it isn' all fun and games. We handle business and paperwork too. For sports with referees, I must get them to fill out vouchers to receive payment. Then, I set up scheduling for present and future season games as well online and security staff to cover those games. No errors can be made. In addition other Athletic Directors must be contacted to make sure schedules are accurate. Lastly, when seasons come to an end we hold ceremonies to recognize all hard work put into the seasons with refreshments and certificates for each athletes.

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