Student Information

Student Name

Shamicka Harris




Internship Information

Company/Organization: The Urban League for Bergen County

Mentor(s):Glenda Fraiser-McGee

Topic of Internship


Background Information

The Nulites of the Urban League is a nonprofit organization that was founded in 1918 and is a community based organization with a goal to help empower and transform disadvantaged communities since. They help people in the community who are in need. The Nulites are all about giving back and helping to make their community a better place. The Nulites main focus is with the youth. They are trying to help better the youth so that our community can be a better place. The Nulites have many different activities fundraisers and programs for the youth top get them out of trouble. But one important thing about the Nulites is that they are for the youth but they are the youth helping out each other.

Summary of Internship

Being an intern for the Nulites of Bergen County gave me the opportunity for me to help the people of my community. Working with people who dedicate their lives to giving back and helping the people in their community was a wonderful experience. My task whole working with these people every Thursday was networking, making phone calls creating flyers, sending e-mails, faxing documents; help with setting up events, getting sponsor and donation for events. With doing this I was able to see firsthand how hard it is to get things going in a program that is nonprofit. One interesting thing about my internship is that we get to see the change that happens within my community first hand. The Nulites is also a program for the youth so everything that we do is to empower and help maintain greatness within them. I think this gives me a great way to see how I can help my community in many differ ways.

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