Student Information

Student Name

Rebecca Jaffe




Internship Information

Company/Organization: Teaneck Speech and Language Center

Mentor(s):Freda Attinson, M.S., C.C.C./SLP Speech Language P

Topic of Internship

Speech Pathology

Background Information

Teaneck Speech and Language Center, was established in August of 1999 by devoted speech pathologists Freda Attinson, Aviva Ramras, Joanne Kornbluth, and Elyse Bergman. They combined their experience and knowledge to create TSLC, a private practice committed to providing speech and language services to children demonstrating a variety of language delays with the utmost care and concern. All therapists at TSLC have masters degrees and are highly intuitive and skilled in working with children and teenagers in an environment that is perfectly suited for the developing child or adolescent. The speech pathologists at TSLC have worked in a variety of settings in which speech pathologists are needed, such as: schools, therapeutic nurseries, hospitals, rehabilitation centers, and other private practices. The therapists are particularly skilled in diagnosing and treating their patients because of their own unique theoretical background, and willingness to share new ideas and skills with the other therapists within the office. Because they are confident in how they help their patients, TSLC speech pathologists focus on the idea of open communication between clinicians and the parents of the children whom are in need of therapy. Ultimately, the friendly air of communication maximizes the success of therapy for the child and makes Teaneck Speech and Language Center the place to take a child in need.

Summary of Internship

I began my senior year pretty sure that I wanted to pursue speech pathology in college. Interning with Freda at TSLC has only proven to me that my initial hunch in my desire to study speech was a reliable one. When I am not observing speech sessions, I usually do administrative work, which further allows me to explore the references and materials that a speech pathologist uses on a day to day basis. Though I am officially an intern under Freda’s guidance, Aviva, Joanne, and the other speech pathologists are so enthusiastic about their careers, always offering to explain therapeutic methods or ideas that I want to know more about. For most of the day, I sit in on the speech sessions with Freda’s patients and when appropriate, Freda injects and teaches me about the different techniques she uses in helping her patients during therapy, such as the use of P.R.O.M.P.T. Freda’s commentary is invaluable. When I am able to sit in on the other speech pathologist’s sessions, I am exposed to a variety of other speech and language cases. I have sat in on sessions with kids who have articulation, language, and auditory processing difficulties, in addition to observing cases with dyspraxia or autism. During my time at TSLC, I have been exposed to a wide range of cases and because of this, I have realized that speech pathology is so much more in depth than one could ever believe.

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