Student Information

Student Name

brieana carter




Internship Information

Company/Organization: BAC Marketing Group/

Mentor(s):Carl Winfree

Topic of Internship

Sports Marketing

Background Information

BAC Marketing Group, BAC, is a sports marketing company which is geared to promote fitness and wellness within the community. In Englewood, there arenít many sporting events for children, so now my mentor, Mr.Carl Winfree took it upon his self to build up a series of events that will help get children off the streets. He moved here in 1995, and all of his children are involved in sports. Therefore, he took it upon his self to start up these operations.

Summary of Internship

As an intern, I do the basic needs in planning events. Every week when we come in, he tells us an event that he wants to plan and as interns we fulfill his visions. Sometimes we call certain people to confirm their approval to come to an event. Other times we email places to know if we can use their location to host an event there. The events made are always up by Carl. Then we go to the drawing board and the ideas come out.

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