Student Information

Student Name

Basel Bataineh




Internship Information

Company/Organization: BMS Associates

Mentor(s):Afira Suri

Topic of Internship

Business Administration

Background Information

BMS Associates is a small business headquartered in Teaneck, NJ. It owns and operates nine Edible Arrangements locations and one mom-and-pop video game store. In addition, the company has interests in one Carvel-Cinnabon location and two flower shops. After opening his third Edible Arrangements location, the owner of the company decided it would be most efficient to have one central office to handle all of the businesses’ finances. Ever-changing business laws and regulations made the office’s existence even more essential. In the past six years, BMS’s assets have tripled. Within the next fiscal year, BMS is expecting to open two new Edible Arrangements locations in Bergen County. Today, BMS continues to manage all the locations’ finances and has grown to provide marketing, public relations and human resources services for the nine Edible Arrangements in Bergen, Hudson, Passaic, and Rockland counties.

Summary of Internship

As an intern at BMS Associates, I was exposed to countless aspects of a small business that go unseen by the average consumer. On a regular basis, I helped create efficient employee schedules for the nine Edible Arrangements locations that would keep expenses minimal without overwhelming any employee. I also reviewed weekly employee time records; making sure employees adhered to their schedules and determining if and why they did not. In addition, I helped launch a marketing project that would create relationships with local business such as law firms, realtors, banquet halls and wedding planners. Through partnerships with such businesses, we hoped to establish a strong base of regular customers. Before major holidays, I was responsible for formulating sales projections based on past holidays and territorial shifts. After holidays, I helped create detailed sales reports and efficiency analyses to compare the company’s performance to those of prior years. Arriving to internship a little early every week and going beyond what I was asked for paid off when my mentors began to ask for my help on weekends and afternoons. During my time at BMS, my mentors taught me what goes on behind-the-scenes in a small business. I was shown how to analyze a performance, schedule efficient shifts, and market a product effectively. Thanks to the supportive staff at BMS, I had a unique experience that will give me an edge when one day, I start my own small business.

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