Student Information

Student Name

Dominique James




Internship Information

Company/Organization: Englewood Hospital

Mentor(s):Vindra Marsoubian, Dr. Frank Moore

Topic of Internship

Department of Neurosurgery

Background Information

Dr. Frank Moore belongs to a group of highly trained professional neurosurgeons who work as partners for Metropolitan Neurosurgery Association. The group of surgeons is not an internal staff group they are an external business who host their surgeries at Englewood Hospital for local patients. They have three office locations; one here in Englewood as well as Jersey City and Manhattan New York. The physicians are all highly recommended by previous surgery patients. Dr. Frank Moore works alongside Dr. Steinberger, Dr. Arginteanu, and Dr. Yao. They have all been in practice for over 15 years. Dr. Moore a graduate of Mt. Sinai Medical University is the Chief of Neurosurgery at Englewood Hospital. The group has several hospital affiliations including Englewood Hospital, Hackensack Hospital, Mt. Sinai, Holy Name, Christ Hospital, Jersey City and others. These surgeons care for any brain and spinal injuries, diseases, and disorders.

Summary of Internship

Being an intern at Englewood Hospital in the operating room has been a wonderful experience for me. Every day I have been learning something new medically as well as life lessons on how to carry myself throughout the professional public setting of the hospital. As I observe surgery every day Dr. Moore helps me to follow the procedure step by step and quizzes my knowledge on the field of medicine. He really is a great mentor because as a surgeon he doesn’t have to accommodate me being in the room. He helps me feel welcome and he makes sure I am fully aware of my surroundings which is always nice. Dr. Moore has always been impressed with my wide variety and depth of knowledge. The first day I met him he made me tell him, using only medical terminology, what was wrong with the patient, what he was correcting, and what was being done in the procedure. I really couldn’t ask for anyone better to shadow. I have shadowed the other surgeons in his practice and they are not as friendly as he is. He genuinely cares about my experience. Outside of the OR, Vindra is responsible for me. For one, she always keeps you busy and makes sure you know what you should be doing and what is appropriate for the hospital setting. She helps you to keep focus and remember what you are here for instead of goofing off. She teaches me life lessons so that I can alter my character for different circumstances.

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