Student Information

Student Name

Sheryl Quinones




Internship Information

Company/Organization: Academies @ Englewood

Mentor(s):Ms. Leslie Eaton

Topic of Internship

The Academies @ Englewood - Senior Experience

Background Information

The Academies @ Englewood has an internship program that all the current seniors have to complete in order to graduate with an Academies diploma. An internship is a non-paying job in which you experience, and have a better understanding in an area or career of your interest. You are guided by a mentor, some mentors require the student to either work in collaboration with other colleagues. At many times you work independently on a project that the student is capable of doing, with minimal supervision, you are responsible for yourself, and anything that you are doing. Internship helps you decide if this is what you want or don’t want to do as a future career.

Summary of Internship

Here at the Academies @ Englewood – Senior Experience, I was gifted with the chance to intern with Ms. Eaton. As her intern, I would come to her office every Thursday located at the school. Most of the time she wasn’t here, so I would be left with work to do for the day, if not I would text or call her, to know what it is that she wants me to do for the day. Her not being here most of the time left me with a much greater responsibility then when she was here. I represented Ms. Eaton for the day, and I knew I had to be on my best behavior and be mature enough, although I was on my own. I had many important tasks to do such as helping out with admissions for the upcoming class. This required me to do filing papers to the applicant’s folder. Recording into a table each applicants, state exam scores, and recommendation ratings. I would go across to Dwight Morrow and pick up important mail, or papers that she needed. Interning at the school, made me experience two sides from being a student on a regular school day, to being an intern with her on Thursdays, was completely different, and interesting.

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