Student Information

Student Name

Sam Kuttappassery




Internship Information

Company/Organization: Palisades Medical Center

Mentor(s):Dr. Rose Lee

Topic of Internship


Background Information

Palisades Medical Center is a regional hospital situated in North Bergen, New Jersey. It moved to this location in 1978 and is currently operating under Chief Executive Operator Bruce Markowitz. The hospital gives a wide variety of patient care, and it has reached out to over 400,000 residents. The hospital is particularly recognized for its excellent treatment of patients with heart failures and heart attacks. The hospital ranked as the #1 heart treatment hospital in Hudson County. The pharmacy is affiliated with several universities that provide a pharmacy education. Some of these include Rutgers University, St. Johnís University, and Northeastern University. This medical practice serves as an educational source for many students from several universities as well as high schools. The pharmacy is a department of the hospital that works to make sure that the patients of the hospital are given proper medication in correct dosages at correct times. The pharmacy works to deliver medicines in times of emergency and ensures that any necessary drug is always available to any patient that may need it. The pharmacy consists of pharmacy technicians as well as pharmacists. Together, the members of the pharmacy department play an essential role in the implementation of medical care by working closely with healthcare professionals.

Summary of Internship

Interning at the Palisades Medical Center Pharmacy leads one to be exposed to a professional work environment and to experience the typical day in a pharmacy. The pharmacy is especially cautious in staying sanitary, because of all the risks involved for the patients. The day of an intern is spent doing different duties that pharmacy technicians do. Some of these jobs include delivering drugs to appropriate floors as they are needed by going on rounds, packaging drugs to be delivered based off of order labels, filling cassettes for different sets of patients with the drugs they are prescribed with, as well as compounding intravenous fluid bags in the I.V. room. All of these jobs are simple, but they need to be done with great care. In fact, after anyone does any of these duties, there is always another employee checking to ensure that no errors were made. In the hospital, there is absolutely no room for error, and as a result, all safety measures are taken very seriously, particularly in the pharmacy. The intern may also sometimes check delivered drugs. The process includes checking to make sure that all the ordered items are in the delivery boxes, in the right quantity, and then placing the drugs where they belong in the pharmacy. Aside from the duties of the pharmacy technician, Ms. Rose assigns the interns to research five different drugs each day. The interns research the different names of the drug, mechanisms of action, the uses of the drug, as well as the route of administration of the drug. This exercise helps the interns learn about specific medicines commonly used in the pharmacy and the ones that they are curious about. The Palisades Medical Center Pharmacy internship is not only enlightening, but an excellent implementation of hands-on work in the desired field through realistic exposure to a professional work environment. This internship surely meets the purpose of the Senior Experience program, which is to help a student realize the differences between an educationally conditioned experience and an involved project-based professional environment.

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