Student Information

Student Name

Da-Hyun Hong




Internship Information

Company/Organization: Goahead Mission

Mentor(s):Sang Jo Lee

Topic of Internship

non-profit organization

Background Information

The Goahead Missions is a non-profit organization that was created on February 2, 2002 in New Jersey. Before creating the organization, the chairperson was involved in another organization thatís dedicated to helping the kids with disabilities. The organization has been helping the children who are orphaned and who work to earn living rather than their parents in Korea. Through donations from the Korean community in the U.S., those needed kids have been able to buy uniforms for schools and get equal education as other ordinary students. In addition to donations, the organization had hosted various events such as Christmas musical concerts, summer camps, visiting homes, Leadership Conference, Vision Conference, etc. The organizationís intension is to help and educate those children who have a lot of potential of becoming leaders in society. It has granted several scholarships to those who need money to attend school they desire; members had paid over $5000 annually to support the cause. Ever since the establishment of the organization, it has hosted Christmas concerts five times, summer camps four times, Leadership Conference three times, and Korea home visits four times. In 2002, the organization started to help specific 50 kids. The number has grown to 670. Most of the kids live in Korea, but some of them are North Koreans who have escaped to China. The purpose of giving donations is not merely helping them out of pity but rather with the message that the donors become their parents. The organization has several branches both in the U.S. and Korea. There are five branches in Korea and eight branches in the U.S.

Summary of Internship

As an intern in the organization, I help my mentor mostly with the office work. I proofread the newsletters that my mentor has written, and after that, I print them out and put them in envelopes. I make sure that there is an envelope for every member of the organization. Then, I revise the membership list and search for more possible supporters. I search for more Korean churches throughout the nation, looking for more possible supporters. Then, I mainly listen and observe what my mentor says and does with visitors. They are supporters of the organization; there are visitors every time I go. When there are special events coming up, I help him with the advertisements. As a teenager who uses social network a lot, I have contributed by making an Events page on Facebook for musical concerts sponsored by the organization. Other than these routine work, I help my mentor with various tasks based on what needs to get done on that specific day. One day, I made labels for the boxes for Christmas gifts that were being sent to Korea for the orphaned kids. After printing out labels and putting them on boxes, I filled out paperwork for shipping addresses. As I was organizing the boxes and peeking in the gifts inside those boxes, my heart was warmed with some peopleís kindness and generosity. I had regained faith in humanity amidst the corruption in society. Every once in a while when I feel some peopleís love and care for children, I acknowledged myself that I picked the right internship and felt a satisfaction. Also, at the office, I helped with displaying photos and letters that were received from the orphaned children. My mentor expected me to do a good job with displaying and organizing since he thought I was creative. Even though I am not so creative, I think I did a decent job on that, and I got better by every time I did it. With the new publication of a workbook for people of all ages, I was responsible for kindergarten and first grade sections. I got coloring book pictures for kindergarten section and some crosswords for first grade section. The Sunday school workbooks that I used when I was younger helped me to come up with ideas and find relevant resources online. A skill I developed is that of designing. Even though I was not so much comfortable with designing and being creative, I had to design symbols and signs to put around the office. After a few times, I felt more comfortable with designing because my mentor complimented and encouraged me every time.

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