Student Information

Student Name

Sean Danganan




Internship Information

Company/Organization: KAB Computers

Mentor(s):Raymon Nunez, Oliver Ceed

Topic of Internship

Computer Science

Background Information

Positioned in Palisades Park, New Jersey, KAB Computers offers technology services and support since 2002. What separates the company from major corporations is their consistency and integrity when dealing with the clients. Thinking outside the box, the crew members are a group of capable and experienced men who have one set goal in mind: Getting the job done. KAB will deliver and implement the best possible solution for any situation with great care and caution. KAB continues to grow every day in knowledge and experience as well as their passion for technology.

Summary of Internship

Every Thursday, I go to my internship with a mission: to learn something new dealing with technology, and every Thursday, KAB always delivers, and sometimes, even exceeds my expectations. Iím constantly being surprised and developing new skills that will eventually help me once I have myself a full time job dealing with technology. After learning these set of skills I try to capture them down by writing in my journal. There is one set of skills that I feel is the most important; the skill I feel most important, like most other interns, is the knowledge on the work environment. Prior to working at KAB, I was terrified of the work environment, feeling I would not fit in; however, KAB is a very welcoming and comforting group that helped me get over my fear. As an intern, I thought that I would follow the same procedure every week and file a lot of paperwork. KAB is not like that. I ALWAYS do something different and I have never set my eyes of one set of paperwork. KAB Computers is the perfect internship for me since I have a lot expectation and they always meet them.

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