Student Information

Student Name

Chelsea Simmons




Internship Information

Company/Organization: Senior Class of 2014

Mentor(s):Ms. Rochman

Topic of Internship

Financing & Planning

Background Information

The Academies@Englewood is a public magnet high school located on the Dwight Morrow Campus. Students have to apply to the school when they are in eighth grade. They are encouraged not to leave because they were selected and given a wonderful opportunity to learn.

Summary of Internship

Every Thursday, I report to Ms. Rochmanís room (room 513) at 9:00 a.m. getting ready to prepare for the day. In the morning, there are a lot of paper work to be filed or copied; depending on which fundraiser we planned on doing. In addition to paper work, there are many phone calls that need to be made from different organizations. Going around the school, I also need to schedule short meetings with administrators stating whether or not a fundraiser can go on and if it is appropriate. During the middle of the day, Microsoft Excel or Word documents have to be created explaining the progress of our fundraisers. For example, studentsí names and payments have to be entered in these documents and soon filed. Throughout this entire internship, there are many rules to financial management that one needs to learn in order to have a successful outcome.

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