Student Information

Student Name

Amy Badia




Internship Information

Company/Organization: John Theruer Cancer Center

Mentor(s):Gary Frahm

Topic of Internship


Background Information

John Theruer Cancer Center is located on 92 Second Street Hackensack New Jersey. It started out 25 years ago with a mission to deliver extraordinary care to every patient that comes through their doors. JTCC wants to make sure that their patients get the best medical help for the best price. JTCC is a top 50 U.S. News and World Report Best Hospitals for Cancer. It is also the highest ranked cancer center in New Jersey. The cancer center has 14 specialized cancer divisions which provides the best care ,and caters to every person’s specific needs.

Summary of Internship

During my time there I interned as a volunteer under the volunteer coordinator Gary Frahm. When I come in I wait in the lobby with the other volunteers to be called by the front desk. We get assigned to either and transport a patient from one floor to another in a wheelchair or deliver chemo from the pharmacy to the doctors. At 11:30 we go to our designated floor and prepare lunch for the cancer patients. Their lunch consist of a choice of sandwiches, the soup of the day, and a variety of desserts. Once all the patients have gotten their food we go down to the café and eat lunch. When lunch is over we stay in the lobby and assist the front desk or Gary with any tasks they give need help with. There are also times where we may have to stay with a patient that is alone to keep them company so they aren't afraid. Being a volunteer at JTCC is very rewarding because we get the chance to make the patients day a little better and I am very grateful to be apart of this experience.

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