Student Information

Student Name

Emma Petersen




Internship Information

Company/Organization: Herman & Lipson Casting

Mentor(s):Barry Shapiro

Topic of Internship

Casting Agency

Background Information

Located on 9th avenue, only three short blocks from the Port Authority, Herman & Lipson is a casting agency that has been in business for over 35 years. They have casted over 7500 projects for theater, film and commercials. They take pride in the fact that they have cast for “virtually every product on the market.” Barry Shapiro has been with Herman & Lipson for over 32 years and has cast over 8000 commercials for products such ESPN, L’Oreal, Advil, Verizon, etc. He also conducts acting workshops, commercial technique classes, improv classes, and directs comedy showcases. Before working in casting, Shapiro managed a rehearsal studio for Broadway shows and also was a producer for a top fashion commercial director working with every top model in the industry.

Summary of Internship

At this internship, there is no set routine for every Thursday because there is always different tasks that need to be done. On a day when there is no casting taking place, when I arrive at the office, my mentor will give me a job or a variety of jobs that need to be done that day. Often times, these jobs are organizational tasks such as organizing headshots and commercial scripts or making cue cards for commercial classes or future castings. On days when there are castings, I get the chance to be able to help with the casting. I am able to sign the actors in and give them all of the information they need, bring the audition DVDs to other parts of the city, and even work with the actors to help them in their auditions. I have learned a lot about the casting process through my internship. I have gotten a first-hand look into what casting directors look for when they are casting. This insight will be extremely helpful to me when I start to go on auditions myself. I have also gotten the chance to talk to a lot of actors who gave me advice about starting my own career. Having this advantage also gave me a big advantage over other people interested in an acting career. Other interns that intern at casting offices are often already out of college and are doing the same job as me, which means that I am ahead of a lot of the other people in my same field.

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