Student Information

Student Name

Gene Han




Internship Information

Company/Organization: SDS USA Inc

Mentor(s):Simon Song

Topic of Internship

Engineering Manufacturing

Background Information

SDS USA Inc is a company found in Norwood, New Jersey. This company uses raw materials to mass produce items requested by other companies. With the experienced group of professionals, SDS USA Inc is constantly thriving and creating products. Employees are one of a kind and friendly to one another, making the working environment happier and more exciting. With a room filled with stocked up raw materials, there is constant work being done by all the employees. Each individual step leads to a finished product, working like a team. SDS USA Inc is a manufacturing company that works towards becoming a leading manufacturing company for countless numbers of companies around the world.

Summary of Internship

Every Thursday, I receive the opportunity to learn something new in the engineering world. Rather than sitting in a classroom for the 4th time of the week, I can go out to my internship and apply myself into the real-world to get a feel of what it is like. Upon checking into the building, I set myself up in my little room, with my computer ready to go. Every day has a new job for me waiting, and seems to only heighten my level of education. From taking inventories of the raw items to sending e-mails, I am constantly put to work that requires 100% of my attention. As time goes on, I gain the trust of my mentor to start and attempt at other, more challenging tasks that must not be failed. As an intern at SDS USA Inc, I receive the chance to live through a daily life of an engineer in the professional world. I feel like an employee there myself while making my ways every Thursday. I know that this type of learning experience is one of a kind, and cherish every moment of it. I get to know more people and let them be a part of my life as I become a part of theirs. I am able to become more familiar with my surroundings as an engineer, with machines and tools that I may face in the real world eventually. From simple drawings to complex designs on the computer, there are many different tasks that must be completed with all my effort as well.

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