Student Information

Student Name

Sebastian De La Cruz




Internship Information

Company/Organization: The Mint Theater

Mentor(s):Mrs. Kotimsky

Topic of Internship

Theater Work

Background Information

Located in New York City, the Mint Theater Company has become a well-known theater where many people go to enjoy their entertaining productions. What the Mint Theater is famous for is, bringing back old and forgotton plays back to life in a sense where people can go and can go back in time and re live those moments. As the N.Y. Times' JasonZinoman wrote in his review of their 2010 production of Jules Romains' 1932 DR.KNOCK, "If there's anything you learn by going regularly to the Mint, it's that the worlds has changed less than you think."

Summary of Internship

Every thursday, I have the oppurtunity to go to the Mint Theater and am able to learn what happens in the theater that nobody else knows. Each morning I take my bus at 9:00-9:10 and arrive to Port Authority around 9:45. From there I walk to my internship which is luckily is only two blocks away. A Good thing about my internship is that most of the time it's something new I do, I do not have a daily routine. Once I arrive I say good morning to my mentor and wait for instructions. Once she gives me my task which could be delivering mail to a place called Actors Equity or it could be help with some sort of construction on stage or go do paperwork. Throughout my time as an intern I have learned many things about what goes on in the background of a theater. The work that has to be done before opening night so the production can be perfect. All the necessary paper work that must be done, as well, as the reconstruction of how the stage must look. This has been a very good opportunity for which I can remember my experiences for the future.

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