Student Information

Student Name

Shannon Rebadio




Internship Information

Company/Organization: The Valley Hospital

Mentor(s):Ms. Katie Maraventano, Mrs. Matarlo, Mrs. Platt, D

Topic of Internship

Emergency Care

Background Information

The Valley Hospital is a 451-bed not-for-profit hospital located in Ridgewood, New Jersey. The hospital is part of the Valley Health System along with Valley Home Care and Valley Medical Group and is also part of the New York-Presbyterian Healthcare System. As a not-for-profit hospital, the Valley Hospital is very community-oriented and is dedicated in delivering quality healthcare, regardless of the patientsí ability to pay. The J.D. Power and Associates Distinguished Hospital Program acknowledged Valley nine consecutive times for being able to provide excellent patient care and experience and Valley was the first hospital to be awarded this honor in the tri-state area. Upholding several values, The Valley Hospital prioritizes service, excellence, respect, value, and ethics and this statement not only benefits the patients but the staff as well, giving away to a prosperous and comfortable environment to all.

Summary of Internship

Ever since I started interning, each Thursday provides me the great opportunity to experience what it is like to work in the medical field and it has given me a more realistic perception of the workings in the hospital setting compared to any written account. The wonderful perk of interning at Valley is the wide selection of hospital departments you can intern at, and with the switch of one rotation to the next, you can work in a different unit and see how different the other unit is compared to the first rotation, giving you a more thorough experience of interning at Valley. Every Thursday, I head straight to the Emergency Department, and in this particular unit, I have been able to see how it is like to work in both the Pediatric Emergency Room and the Adult Emergency Room. Aside from observing my mentor of the day go about their work, I take it upon myself to be active. I help the nurses clean up rooms and I help make sure the patients are comfortable. After seeing each patient, my mentor and I discuss the condition and the symptoms, and almost every single time, I have been able to apply the knowledge I have learned from my classes. Since interning, I have also learned that vigilance and thoughtfulness are the key traits to be a successful healthcare provider. While the rush of the Emergency Department alarmed me initially, I now find the aspect of working in the ER to be considerably exciting. Throughout my stay here, I had the honor of being guided by several mentors like Ms. Maraventano, Dr. Vogel, Mrs. Matarlo, Mrs. Platt, and Dr. Propersi. With their guidance through their explanations on procedures and conditions, I have seen a handful of diagnostic procedures from EKGs to the analysis of CT scans, and I have seen several other procedures and treatments such as the suturing of several wounds from up close and even the resuscitation of a patient in a critical condition. At those times, some situations can get hectic but by observing the efforts of doctors and nurses, I definitely learned many valuable lessons and I am ultimately grateful for this rewarding internship.

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