Student Information

Student Name

Kristine Baltazar




Internship Information

Company/Organization: Oshman & Barteck Physical Therapy

Mentor(s):Steven Barteck

Topic of Internship

Physical Therapy

Background Information

Oshman and Barteck Physical Therapy is a private practice located in Midtown NYC. It was established in 1998 by Steven Barteck and Mila Oshman. The focus of this practice is to provide one on one care, as well as individualized treatment to all kinds of patients. There are three physical therapists providing care to various kinds of injuries. Treatment is comprised of numerous basic components which include: hands on therapy, exercise, alignment, and setting and achieving realistic goals. From the beginning, the physical therapist promptly determines what the patient essentially needs to get back to in a reasonable timeframe.These fundamentals are the basis to the success Oshman and Barteck Physical Therapy have maintained over the years.

Summary of Internship

Every Thursday, I have the opportunity to gain invaluable knowledge at Oshman & Barteck Physical Therapy as an intern. Besides the office duties and observation interns typically do, i have a unique hands-on experience with not just the other physical therapists, but also the patients themselves. To be excited to go to internship every week is an understatement. Developing social relations and providing genuine care to real patients with injuries is something that most high school seniors don't get the chance to do. At Oshman & Barteck Physical Therapy, I make connections right in the center of bustling NYC. As I observe patients while they perform each exercise, I make sure that their posture and alignment are proper so that the exercise is as effective as possible. I am also able to socialize and learn who the patients are. Once each patient's routine is complete, I finish my session by putting either heat or ice on a specific body part with Tens, an electric stimulation, if needed. The most rewarding aspect of this internship is the genuine gratitude each patient feels once each session is over. It is as if I make a new friend every Thursday, and that is satisfaction itself.

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