Student Information

Student Name

Emanuel Magriples




Internship Information

Company/Organization: Kulakis & Christoforatos, Esqs,.

Mentor(s):Chris Kulakis and Kate Christoforatos

Topic of Internship

Real Estate and Matrimonial Law

Background Information

Located in Astoria, New York, Kulakis & Christoforatos is a well-known law firm that is directed by two intelligent and successful attorneys. Since both Kate D. Christoforatos and Christopher G. Kulakis take pride in their work, the firm works diligently to provide prompt, reliable, professional and courteous service and assist its clients by identifying their needs and goals. Although the firm deals with a wide variety of legal fields, it is well known for its expertise in real estate, family law and trusts and estates. Not only do the employees at Kulakis & Christoforatos, Esqs. enjoy what they do, but they also take pride in their work.

Summary of Internship

Starting in the beginning of the school year, I was given the privilege to work as an intern at Kulakis and Christoforatos, Esqs. This experience has allowed me to work in the office every Thursday as opposed to learning in the traditional classroom setting. From the beginning of my time in the office, I have been welcomed with open arms and great hospitality. On a daily basis, I complete hands on tasks that have allowed me to gain an immense amount of knowledge in the legal field. The ability to work on legal documents assigned by my mentors has shown that they trust me with vital paperwork. This sense of trust has made me more responsible as a worker and a student. During my internship experience, I have prepared real estate transaction closing statements as well as lease agreements for commercial real estate. Additionally I have been exposed to various documents in regard to divorce matters. I have also been able to communicate with clients and assist them with any questions they may have. While interning, I have also attended closings and meetings, which have given me a better understanding of how lawyers communicate, negotiate and interact with clients and other lawyers. Throughout my internship, I have built many friendships and relationships that I think will help me when applying for jobs in the future. This experience has solidified my interest in law as well educated me beyond any law class I have ever taken.

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