Student Information

Student Name

Eleni Anagnostou




Internship Information

Company/Organization: Scotia Capital (USA) Inc.

Mentor(s):Ms. Diane Sakowski

Topic of Internship


Background Information

Scotia Capital is a Canadian bank which deals with global corporate and investment banking as well as Global Capital Markets businesses. As an investment bank, Scotia Capital acts as a financial mediator, performing a variety of functions. In the capital market sector Scotia Capital works to raise funds for underwriting deals as well as buying and selling securities. Scotia Capitalís head office is located in Toronto, Canada, but other offices can be found in Vancouver, Canada, New York City, San Francisco, Boston, Chicago, Houston, the Bahamas, as well as various places throughout Asia, Europe, the Caribbean, and Latin America.

Summary of Internship

Every Thursday, I get the opportunity to travel to New York and gain real workplace expereinces by interning at Scotia Capital (USA) Inc. At my internship, there is an extremely friendly enviroment. When I walk into internship, the first thing I do is finish any paper work that my mentor leaves for me. Usually it will be filing, copying, and faxing. Then I will move on to more challenging tasks such as working with Peoplesoft, plugging in invoices, etc. I work with the accounts payable department, and I learned Peoplesoft is extremely important software used not only in my department but in many other departments and companies all over the world. Other days I have special opportunities where my mentor will allow me to meet with other traders who allow me to observe what they do. By working at Scotia, I get a true representation of how corporate America and the financial world are really like. I truly am lucky that I get to intern with such a large company. I have met so many new people and every experience that I get at Scotia is a great opportunity because I get hands on experience in the real world that will prepare me for my endeavors in the business world when I grow older.

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