Student Information

Student Name

Fatima Bhatti




Internship Information

Company/Organization: Englewood Hospital and Medical Center

Mentor(s):Vindra Marsoubian, Internal Medicine Residents, At

Topic of Internship

Hospitalist Department

Background Information

Englewood Hospital and Medical Centerís Section of Hospital Medicine is comprised of a team of hospitalists, which are board certified internist physicians who fully devote their time to hospitalized patients. ĒThey see hospitalized patients who have been referred from primary care doctors, emergency room doctors, or other physicians at the hospital. They do not see patients outside of the hospital.Ē In addition to the physicians, the Hospitalist team also includes internal medicine residents and Mount Sinai medical students. ďThe hospitalists have faculty appointments at Mount Sinai School of Medicine and have an active role in teaching and supervising the residents and students. This ensures thoughtful, efficient, quality care.Ē The group of full-time hospitalists is Dr. Izabela Nowosielski, Dr. Joseph Fleischer, Dr. Yelena Galumyan, Dr. Seth Breitbart, Dr. Donjeta Sulej, Dr. Craig Bryan, Dr. Tanganyika Barnes, Dr. Natacha Esber, and Dr. Wazim R. Buksh.

Summary of Internship

My internship experience with Englewood Hospital has been incredibly rewarding. Every Thursday, I am assigned to a team of residents and an attending physician. I am able to witness them discuss the patients they have and try to figure out what ailment the patient has and what the proper route of treatment should be. Itís very fascinating to watch the team try to solve what the patient has because the attending physician usually already knows how to treat the patient and tries to use the case as a learning experience for the residents. Afterwards, I shadow the residents as they check up on the patients that were discussed in their meeting. Itís interesting to see the residents interact with these patients because I already know all of the patientís medical history and I can actually see what the different conditions look like. Iíve learned about how the doctors deal with uncooperative patients and try to accommodate to the patientís needs, which often proves to be incredibly difficult. I would suggest this internship to anyone who intends on pursuing a career in the medical field, specifically those who intend on becoming a doctor. Iíve had the opportunity to experience exactly what a doctorís day is like and also have received great advice from the residents. I genuinely enjoy coming to my internship every Thursday because I always witness something different and broaden my medical knowledge. This internship has provided me with an invaluable experience and has certainly strengthened my resolve to enter the medical field.

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