Student Information

Student Name

Rakin Choudhury




Internship Information

Company/Organization: Palisades Medical Center

Mentor(s):Rose Lee, PharmD

Topic of Internship


Background Information

The Palisades Medical is a 202-bed hospital located in North Bergen, New Jersey. It is part of the Hackensack University Health Network. Currently, it is headed by CEO Bruce. J. Markowitz. It is mainly a Medical Center geared towards the community and is equipped with such things in mind. In cases where the hospital does not have the proper equipment or personnel to properly treat the patient, they will be transferred to a hospital that does.

Summary of Internship

Exactness: an essential quality to working in the Pharmacy Department. Patients must get the exact amount of medication at the right time. Everything about the Department is exactness and time. Physicians need to give their patients the right medication for the patientís overall well-being. It is the internís job to assist the pharmacists and technicians with this task. As an intern, one should expect to perform many hands-on tasks. In general, one should expect to check over medications for expiration dates and dispose of expired medication, unpack and put away orders of medication delivered daily to the Department and ensure the correct order was shipped, and fill medication orders prescribed by the physicians for patients in the hospital. Later in the year, one can also expect to learn to mix I.Vs for patients. Do not be afraid to ask the others for assistance; they will help in whatever way they can. Help is always appreciated, especially in a busy department like Pharmacy (mornings anyway). One can expect to learn many things about drugs and their effects from this internship. It is a hands-on experience where you will learn how the Pharmacy works hand-in-hand with everyone that is involved in taking care of the patient. You will also learn the names of many drugs that are prescribed, what they are for, how they are used, the different formulations available and even side effects. The mentor asks the interns to research five drugs per week and report it to her during the afternoon. One is surely going to understand the Pharmacy and learn of its significance in the hospital setting by the time the internship is over.

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