Student Information

Student Name

Janelle Shepherd




Internship Information

Company/Organization: Bergen Family Center

Mentor(s):Mrs. Mary Pinckney, Mrs. Jessica Garcia, Mrs. Cla

Topic of Internship

Psychology/Early Childhood Developement

Background Information

Bergen Family center has developed into the county’s oldest continuously operating family service agency. Its center has children services as well as adolescent, eldercare, and counseling services. The Center has a lot to offer to its community, making sure every kind of age group gets helped. The children are well taken care of and also have the chance to be taught many things. It is evident that the teachers care for the young minds with all the work and effort they out in to their assignment. Bergen family center gives help and opportunities to anyone who needs it.

Summary of Internship

Interning at the Bergen family center is a great opportunity to learn about the early childhood development as well get a great experience with the younger children. From the very first day of internship I was able to interact with young children, and modeling a great person for these children. I am treated like one of the teachers and get almost the same amount of responsibilities. I am able to walk into my internship, and great all of the children in my class with smiles. They are very fun to interact with, and they treat me with respect. It puts a great smile on my face each day I go to internship to see all these little faces smiling at me and greeting me saying, “Hi Ms. Janelle”, at such a young age. At this internship you really learn a lot about patience, and how to handle something as precious as another life. During internship I am expected to do a lot of basic skill work with the students. To begin the day we sing a song teaching the students how to greet each other. Some students are a little shy at first but they begin to break out of this shy stage if you encourage them. Then I help Ms. Mary with center time, during this time we create different learning centers where the students complete hands on activities that teach them about numbers, words, fruits, or the alphabet. I personally work with each child and I learn their interest and talk to them. This internship is beneficial because I am able to factor out the mental processes of early childhood development to understand the psychology of why we grow up to be the person we are.

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