Student Information

Student Name

Rachel Ishak




Internship Information

Company/Organization: Bergen County Veterans Services

Mentor(s):Richard Daul, Susan Krause

Topic of Internship

Veterans Services

Background Information

The Bergen County Veterans Services is a division of the Human Services Department that was created in 1977 to aid veterans and their families residing in Bergen County. Although the Division of Veterans Services works to provide these veterans with daily necessities, it is as much a resource center as anything else. Veterans and their dependents are able to call and meet with the director for information regarding benefits, medals, burials, employment, education and training programs, and military records. The division works closely with local veterans organizations and is able to connect inquiring veterans with such establishments.

Summary of Internship

Participating in an internship with the Bergen County Veterans Services for an entire year was the most educational opportunity Iíve ever had the chance to experience. In just 36 days, I was able to learn more about what itís like to be in the real world than ever before. The exposure Iíve had to the work environment has taught me how to handle myself in a professional manner, how to communicate with people I do not encounter daily, and how to produce quality work. However, this internship has taught me more than just these important, yet general, concepts. The passion that I plan to pursue is working with soldiers and their families, but because Bergen County doesnít consist of any military towns I havenít had much of an opportunity to work with active duty soldiers. Instead, I was given the unique opportunity to work with veteran soldiers; which I believe has perfectly introduced me to the kinds of trials and tribulations these noble men and women will eventually face Ė homelessness, unemployment, and addiction. Iíve been blessed to have been able to learn the logistics of veteransí services Ė such as receiving benefits, medals, and military records Ė and to physically interact with the veterans. This internship has allowed me to gain experience in a field I am passionate about, which I believe better prepares me for what is ahead, and Iím truly thankful for this amazing opportunity.

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