Student Information

Student Name

ELizabeth Bedoya




Internship Information

Company/Organization: Bergenfield Police Department

Mentor(s):Captain Cathy Madalone

Topic of Internship

Criminal Justice

Background Information

The Bergenfield Police Department fundamental mission is to serve the public. They perform their law enforcement by protecting life and property, suppressing criminal activity and disorder with vigilant patrol and by arresting law breakers. They also give aid and comfort to the sick and injured people. The Bergenfield Police Department has the Traffic Bureau, Juvenile Bureau, Detective Bureau, Patrol Bureau, and Records Bureau. Also, the court is located on the second floor of the building. The current Chief is Chief Michael T. Carr, the Patrol/Operation and Detective Commander is Captain Christopher Massey, and the Administrative Captain/Traffic Commander is Captain Cathy Madalone.

Summary of Internship

The work at the Bergenfield Police Department varies greatly, going from administrative paperwork to firearms training. The administrative aspect of the internship requires file work and record keeping, such as training orders, general orders, and the alarm systems. The traffic aspect of the department requires the organization and filing of all traffic reports, including car towing, accidents, and other various traffic offenses. I had several opportunities to accompany officers on a specific tasks. I was also given the opportunity to attend to the DARE class and observe. There has been many different tasks given to me and each one of them has a purpose and give me an opportunity to learn something new. This internship is extraordinarily beneficial as it strongly prepares me for my future as a police officer and allows me to learn aspects of law enforcement that most citizens havenít learned before entering the police academy.

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