Student Information

Student Name

Dominick Guillermo




Internship Information

Company/Organization: Pixel Academy

Mentor(s):Dylan DePice, Mike Fischthal, Iman Khondker, Noah

Topic of Internship

Graphic Design/ Technology/ Education

Background Information

Located in Brooklyn, New York, the Pixel Academy is a creative learning space with the focus of teaching kids 21st century skills that cannot be taught in traditional school environments. With its access to state of the art technologies and a diverse group of instructors, the Pixel Academy allows its members to become proficient in a variety of topics including 3D printing, programming, and even Minecraft modding. Its founder Mike Fischthal started the business in 2012 as private tutoring in game design, but decided to expand after receiving countless requests from clients. Following a year of teaching workshops at various locations, Fischthal and his instructors established their first permanent residence in May 2013, thanks to the efforts of the crowdfunding site Fundable. Today, the Pixel Academy functions as an after school program open to its members five days a week. Every day the kids have the freedom to learn what they want, either through guided workshops or individual projects. In addition, the Pixel Academy holds special events like game nights, birthdays, summer camp, and information sessions for parents.

Summary of Internship

During my internship at the Pixel Academy, I perform a wide range of tasks on a weekly basis. When I first arrive every Thursday, my first responsibility is to set up the technology so everything is ready for use before the kids arrive. During this time I also have the chance to catch up with my mentors, as well as learn more about different software. Soon after, I accompany one of my mentors to either the Brooklyn New School or P.S. 29 to pick up some of the kids. Upon our return to Pixel Academy, I get the chance to assist my mentors with their workshops or work with the kids in their separate endeavors. I also ensure that the kids are not putting themselves or others in danger. By closing time, I help organize the technology and clean any mess that was made. Over the span of my internship I work on an individual project and prepare a workshop of my own to teach in the spring. Working at the Pixel Academy is a great experience in many ways. In addition to expanding my knowledge with different technologies, I surprisingly learned a lot about education and dealing with kids in a classroom environment. Through the conversations with my mentors, I was able to gain knowledge on the growth of a start-up business and its obstacles and breakthroughs. For me, it was extremely rewarding to know that I played a role in this businessís early success.

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