Student Information

Student Name

Rebekka Laskin




Internship Information

Company/Organization: eMazzanti Technologies

Mentor(s):Matthew Knowland, Leia Yoon

Topic of Internship

Marketing / Information Technology

Background Information

eMazzanti Technologies provides comprehensive computer network services. These services form scale-able solutions which address core business needs such as productivity, collaboration and organization. We create value through effective network management and support while leveraging existing hardware and software investments. We pride ourselves on our reliability, our adherence to high technical standards, our strong business experience, our practical results-oriented approach, and our dedication to the improvement of information technology.

Summary of Internship

Each Thursday I get the privilege to experience a real deal networking company in action. I am able to work with the marketing department and due to liability issues I am only able to shadow the engineers and sales people. But when I am able to look over what the engineers do I am able to learn how to fix problems on severs of major companies. Some of the more frequent companies include, Tory Burch, Bay Crane, and Steven Alan. It is very interesting how when a client calls in and their problem is difficult to fix, it goes through the help desk levels. I get to witness how the process works and it is really interesting. For the marketing side I get to see how to put marketing events together and I make many lists of possible clients off of chamber websites. I also do many intern jobs such as organizing files, scanning files, and doing the tasks that are tedious but need getting done.

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