Student Information

Student Name

Yesenia Rodriguez




Internship Information

Company/Organization: Hackensack Pediatrics

Mentor(s):Dr. Mohamed Tantawi

Topic of Internship


Background Information

Located in Hackensack, New Jersey, Hackensack Pediatrics is a private pediatric group that is concerned with the patientís physical, emotional, and social health from infancy to young adulthood. Hackensack Pediatrics has set the standard for excellence in pediatric & adolescent care for the past 30 years. The pediatricians at this practice collaborate with Hackensack University Medical Center for newborn care and a broad spectrum of health services from preventative healthcare to the diagnosis and treatment of acute and chronic diseases. This admired practice works with more than five pediatricians and a large support staff that devotes their knowledge and passion to every one of their patients.

Summary of Internship

I have the privilege to work every Thursday at Hackensack Pediatrics and shadow Dr. Mohamed Tantawi, affectionately known as Dr. Mo. Dr. Mo and his fellow partners are in charge of sick visits, physical examinations, and follow-up appointments. Some of the more routine procedures include giving flu shots, vaccinations or boosters, and checking height and weight. Another common practice includes following up on what other doctors/specialists have tested and/or concluded on the various patients. In the case of newborns the pediatricians examine their growth and development. As a student intern, I learned how to prepare strep throat tests for patients and after a few months I was able to do this independently. Through observation, I witness a full variety of procedures and listen to the questions and comments patients have for Dr. Mo. It is interesting to see how Dr. Mo interacts with his patientís depending on their age and their unique personality. Not only have I had the opportunity to gain experience in the medical field but I have also been able to get a feel for the professional world. Every time I walk into Hackensack Pediatrics I feel more comfortable and familiar to the reasoning and decisions Dr. Mo makes. I thank Dr. Mo for his patience and willingness to teach me the ups and downs of the medical field and a business. I know that this rewarding experience will allow me to apply the knowledge learned at Hackensack Pediatrics to real life situations.

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