Student Information

Student Name

Emily Stein




Internship Information

Company/Organization: Total Nunziato Training

Mentor(s):Mike Nunziato, Jay Fortino, Adam Koziol

Topic of Internship

Sports Training

Background Information

Total Nunziato Training (TNT) is a training facility located in Elmwood Park, New Jersey. Its clientele ranges from professional athletes, to middle aged women, or anyone in between. TNT was founded by Mike Nunziato who has worked with all different types of athletes. Mr. Nunziato perfectly designs work outs around a client’s specific goals and needs. By combining plyometrics, strength training, flexibility, and speed/ agility training, each workout is designed to make every client healthy and confident. TNT offers group training and personal training at more than reasonable rates, and combines an athletic and hardcore environment, with a safe and respectful environment to encourage every client to reach their full potential.

Summary of Internship

Although Mr. Nunziato was my main mentor, TNT is really a family environment. While interning at TNT I got to know a lot of their trainers and learn from each of them. I spend a lot of my time at internship observing different work outs and trying to understand what muscles they target. But, I also got to know a lot about the business behind the facility from Jenna, whom I consider another one of my mentors. There is a lot more paper work and money management that has to be done at TNT then anyone would really expect. So, this internship really broadened my knowledge in ways I did not expect when coming into this experience. This internship was an amazing opportunity to keep my passion for sports while learning the basics of a business.

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