Student Information

Student Name

Ashley Clark




Internship Information

Company/Organization: Sunrise Dental

Mentor(s):Dr. Louisa Correa

Topic of Internship

Medicine - Dentistry

Background Information

Sunrise Dental consists of two separate offices located in Paramus, NJ and New York, NY. These dental practices, run by Dr. Correa was founded in 1993 in Paramus, NJ. This state-of-the-art facility offers comprehensive dental care and advanced cosmetic dentistry treatments to create and maintain beautiful, healthy smiles for its patients. Dr. Correa along with the rest of the caring staff help every patient feel welcomed and relaxed throughout their dental visit. This facility caters to all patients young and old with a wide range of services.

Summary of Internship

Being an intern at Sunrise Dental with Dr. Correa as my mentor has provided me with a great experience looking into the field of dentistry. My typical Thursday consists of setting up schedules with the secretary, and observing the dental hygienist and dentist's routines and the overall flow of patients. Each week I get to observe new cases including the dental cleanings, root canals, teeth extractions, veneers, oral exams, and more. With most of the patients being Hispanic I get to also learn names of all procedures and instruments in another language which will definitely help me in the future. Learning about several dental procedures and tools has given me an insight on how dental school would be. I can say this internship has been truly advantageous and has given me great insight into the field of dentistry.

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