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Andrew Gomez




Internship Information

Company/Organization: Coffin Turbo Pump


Topic of Internship


Background Information

Since 1925, Coffin Turbo Pump, Inc. has been supplying and manufacturing pumps to people all over the world. Coffin Turbo Pump, Inc. is a renowned manufacturer and global supplier of high-pressure, high-speed centrifugal pumps. Their high-pressure pump solutions utilize the most advanced high-speed motor and turbine drive designs in the pump industry. The Coffin Turbo Pump will operate reliably for decades, ensuring minimal downtime for their system. For a peace of mind, each superior pump is backed by a 24-hour parts and service capability. Coffin’s reputation for customer service is peerless—and has resulted in a loyal following of marine and industrial users.

Summary of Internship

Every Thursday I get to experience how it feels like to be in a working environment. When I walk in the office, I always make myself some coffee; after that I go upstairs, sit down, and open Inventor up. I usually work on correcting, editing, and creating Inventor drawings. Sometimes I get to go in the work shop and learn how pumps are assembled, tested, and packed before they are sent out to worldwide customers awaiting to receive their pumps. It is very interesting and fun to intern at a professional workplace and gain knowledge and experience that will be useful in the future.

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