Student Information

Student Name

Monicka-Faye Bustos




Internship Information

Company/Organization: Dellridge Health & Rehabilitation Center

Mentor(s):Kathlyn D. Pandeagua

Topic of Internship

Physical Therapy

Background Information

Located in Paramus, New Jersey, Dellridge Health & Rehabilitation Center has offered rehabilitation and medical services to their clients for more than 30 years. With the 5 star rating given in the Federal report, Dellridge has given their clients an environment where they are able to rebuild their injured muscles and joints but also have a friendly and comfortable atmosphere along with their nurses and neighboring patients. Dellridge’s mission is to give their patients the best care and service at all times they will stay in the facility.

Summary of Internship

Every Thursday, I arrived at the facility at 8 AM. There I would sign my name in the volunteer attendance sheet, which was located in the Occupational Therapy room. I would then go to the Physical Therapy room and help the therapists with activities with their patients. These activities include bouncing a ball back and forth, throwing the ball back and forth, passing cones from side to side, etc. Those activities are all to test the patients’ balance. There are times where I would follow the therapists and the patient with the wheelchair behind the patient as they walk in the halls so that the patient could get immediate support when they need it. There will be times where I am asked to stay in the Occupational Therapy room. In the Occupational Therapy room, I would help around with cleaning up after the patients. The activities I would have to clean up would be the grabbers and the plugs, silly puddy, etc. Lunch is always at 12:30 PM. After lunch, it is the same routine as the morning. I leave internship at 4:30 PM.

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