Student Information

Student Name

Sava Radovic




Internship Information

Company/Organization: MaxMD

Mentor(s):Kevin Williams

Topic of Internship

Research/Customer Service

Background Information

MaxMD is a small company that is located in Fort Lee, NJ. The company aims to make money by making secure internet domain names, and then selling them to doctors, physicians, hospitals, and medical institutions. When we think about it, the internet is a much less safe place than it appears to be. Often times when one is browsing something private, it is very possible that the activity is unknowingly being monitored by an outside party. There are instances where eavesdropping on someone’s private internet activity can lead to lost information and identity theft. To help prevent this, MaxMD creates domain names that are very safe from breaching. The firm is relatively small, and has roughly ten workers in the building. There is a chief executive officer, a chief technology officer, a software department, and a customer service department.

Summary of Internship

I work in the customer service department, with Kevin Williams as my mentor. In the customer service department, I generally do a lot of research, and also help Kevin with the selling of domain names. In the mornings, I research articles on the topic of the IT business in healthcare. I then summarize the information of about half a dozen articles, and report them to Kevin. In the afternoon, my role varies from week to week. Usually, I will make renewal calls to the company’s customers. This means that I will call customers and ask if they want to renew any of the domain names that they purchased that have expired. The customers will sometimes not answer, but they call back and usually renew in the near future. Other than renewal calls, I do other research, usually on domain names, that further contribute to the advancement of the company.

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