Student Information

Student Name

Maria Lucero




Internship Information

Company/Organization: The Bergen Family Center

Mentor(s):Ms.Tomlinson, Ms.Anna, Ms.Nyshe

Topic of Internship

Early Childhood Education

Background Information

The Bergen Family Center is a center that helps out families and their children. As stated on their website "The Bergen Family Center supports, strengthens and enriches family life through innovative programs and quality services." The Bergen Family Center is not only a center that offers service for children's but it is also provides services for adolescent, eldercare, counseling, and community programs. This center has been helping their community since 1898. It was a small center when it was first founded. As the years passed, and with the help of their faculty members the center has blossomed into a well organized place that has provided help to the community by hosting events and activities that have made positive difference in the lives of others.

Summary of Internship

As an intern at The Bergen Family Center, I am allowed to go to the center every Thursday instead of having class. Each Thursday morning, I walk in and I have to sign in at the reception desk before entering the classroom, my morning routine is not always the same. Sometimes I am given the opportunity by my mentor to walk into the lobby to pick up the students and take them to our classroom, as the teacher waits for our arrival. While there are mornings that I walk into our classroom and the students are already sitting down at their table. When I sit down with the students, we are allowed to play with the table top toys until all of the students have arrived. Once the majority of the students have arrived to class, my mentors and I help clean up all the toys from the table and we set up for breakfast. My mentors and I line up the students and we take them to the bathroom before they can eat their breakfast. When they are done with breakfast the students are responsible for getting a book to read. When they are done reading, they have circle time. During circle time we are able to help them sing songs, do activities like saying numbers out load, colors, and days of the week. After circle time the assistants and I split them up into to centers where they each do different activities. When they finish with the centers, they go to the bathroom. After our return, we set up for lunch. After they eat the children go to sleep. My routine isn't always the same but I have been given the opportunity to learn more about my major through working with this age group. During my time as an intern, I have learned a lot from my mentors. I have learned various things like applying new activities that could be done with students through center play, working individually with students, how they are tested verbally and non-verbally, and helping them enhance their communication skills. I have gained knowledge in what is the appropriate way to handle a situation, and much more. The experience of being a teacher has overall helped me to acquire skills that I will apply in the real world. Everyday that I go to my internship, I feel like I learn something new. I am very grateful for this opportunity that has been given to me.

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