Student Information

Student Name

Jane Kim




Internship Information

Company/Organization: Ronald Schmidt & Associate

Mentor(s):Sherry Bauer , Ronald Schmidt

Topic of Internship

Web Design and Improvement

Background Information

Ronald Schmidt & Associates, located in Englewood, New Jersey. RSA is an architectural firm established in 1981 by Mr. Schmidt. His goal is to provide top quality services that clients deserve for a lower price than those of other competitive firms. The firm's ways of balancing the budget, schedule, and services have been recognized and awarded by the American Institute of Architects numerous times.

Summary of Internship

Located in Englewood the distance from home to the firm is not overwhelming. The atmosphere of the office is very comfortable and friendly. The opportunity I had at RSA really helped me establish my goals for the future. Designing and improving the main website was something I did not consider before this internship; however, I really enjoyed the experience and aim to pursuit that goal. I learned to be more independent in my work, as well as managing my time wisely. RSA has taught me to develop my social skills as well as skills regarding web designing with HTML. This company has giving me the first-hand experience for the real world.

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