Student Information

Student Name

Kyle Watts




Internship Information

Company/Organization: Crystal Sharpe Couture

Mentor(s):Ms. Hampton

Topic of Internship

Make Artwork

Background Information

The internship is located in Englewood, New Jersey, and it is a home-run business made from scratch. My mentor has put in time and effort into making an organization called Make Artwork and helping out Englewood Schools with programs. Make Artwork is a program dedicated into teaching kids how to creatively make the trash turn into something very useful. Currently, Ms. Hampton is working out the details of the organization. However, I also help out the other Englewood schools with student programs such as movie nights. My main goal at my internship is to make an impact on how kids see the world, and for them to appreciate what they have. After all, one man's trash is another man's treasure.

Summary of Internship

Every Thursday, I arrive at my internship at around ten or eleven o'clock in the morning. My mentor welcomes my partner and I into her house, and she quickly briefs us on our assignments. These tasks usually include making some kind of art piece that can use later. Other times we help her with the organization such as obtaining grants from government agencies and other special facilities. We usually sit at a round table, and use one laptop so then we can both conglomerate our input into our assignment. It's a business but with a very casual atmosphere where we tend to get our work done faster and of quality that is better than expected. We on occasion have a lunch break where my partner and I grab something to eat. During my time at the internship I learned numerous lessons about business management and communication. I've seen how tiring it can be to start-up a new business because of the financial troubles an owner might have maintaining the occupation. However, I've learnt that i have natural communication skills where I'm able to talk to anyone in an effective manner from little kids to my boss. I'm harnessing this ability to create positive relationships with not only the people involved at my internship but in my life in general. This internship has been a rewarding experience for me.

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