Student Information

Student Name

Fuad Ali




Internship Information

Company/Organization: Dr. Brendan iPhone & Macbook Repair

Mentor(s):Daniel McElroy

Topic of Internship

IT Services

Background Information

Dr. Brendan Mac Repair which is located in East Village, NYC is a one-stop-shop for affordable and trustworthy computer electronic repairs, maintenance, tutorials, and IT supports. The store was first started by Brendan McElroy. Mr. McElroy started repairing iDevices from his fifth-floor apartment. After building up skills and reputation from his neighbors, he decided to open up a store in St. Marks Place in the East Village New York City. Dr. Brendan provides quick and affordable repairs and services on all Apple products.

Summary of Internship

As an intern at Dr. Brendan, I have had the unique opportunity to gain real workplace experience. As a person who is now highly advanced in the technological field, I am certain that the experience that I received at Dr. Brendan Mac Repair was truly amazing and interesting. Coming into this internship, I didnít know a great deal of how to do repairs on iDevices such as replacing the LCD, digitizer, and batteries. By interning at Dr. Brendan, with the help of my mentor(s) I was able to learn how to do most of these repairs and more. At a normal day at internship, I type in the customersí personal information and his/her devicesí information into the storeís Database for records, pick-up phone-calls to answer questions regarding the business hours, minor questions on the devices, and prices. I also do minor repairs such as back screens on iPhones and batteries as well as diagnosing every iPhone that comes into the shop. Even though I am not allowed to do major repairs on customersí broken devices as of yet, it is a great experience that I can utilize in the future due to the fact that technology is starting to control everything that occurs around us.

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