Student Information

Student Name

Erica Patterson




Internship Information

Company/Organization: Prana Marketing

Mentor(s):Katie Maroldi Angela Thomas

Topic of Internship

Public Relantions

Background Information

Located in Englewood Cliffs, New Jersey, Prana Marketing and Media Relations is a growing business in its field. It was started in 2001 by CEO Angela Thomas. Thomas had previously worked for major music companies such as BMG, Universal and Sony. Once, she saw the decline in the music business she decided to venture out on her own. The companyís distinct mission statement is as follows : to be an integrated marketing and media relations firm offering a full suite of services for entertainment properties, music artists, theaters, brands, corporations, small businesses and healthcare. Prana has a bright future with strong cliental such as Bergen Performing Arts Center and many more.

Summary of Internship

Every Thursday , I am welcomed into the office with a fresh new task or event going on as a bright interested intern this is always exciting for me .Each Thursday morning , I arrived at the office around 9:45 . I then go get breakfast and set up my work area for the day. I then log into my intern Gmail and check to see about task I may have left over from the previous week ; furthermore , I then wait for my daily tasks given to me by one of my mentors . Every week there is a new task and this is what I love about my internship. During my time as an intern , I have learned numerous things that will help me in the field I plan on pursuing .Iíve learned to post / promote events , put out press releases , answer phones , and more importantly how to help with an event . All these skills will be extremely helpful in the field I would like to pursue. One thing I have gained the most is the feeling of working in a professional PR field. I have watched both of my mentors at work and their drive and skills have given me even more incentive to pursue my career in the PR and Marketing field. Every day I feel more confident about the work Iím doing and am always eager to do more. This experience is one I am extremely grateful for and appreciative for having.

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