Student Information

Student Name

Andy Ortega




Internship Information

Company/Organization: North Bergen Police Department

Mentor(s):Lt. Faranda, Sgt. Trentacosti

Topic of Internship

Law Enforcement

Background Information

The North Bergen Police Headquarters is located on 4233 Kennedy Boulevard North Bergen, NJ. In 2014 officers from the department responded to over 100,000 calls for service. The department has many units focused on general and forensic investigations. With the help from state of the art CCTV cameras the city is always being monitored and taken care of 24/7. All the men and women who work for the force have one sole purpose which is too keep the town safe from crime. The department host special events in order to form a better relationship between officers and civilians as well as programs that inform people about crime and what can be done.

Summary of Internship

Each week I report to the police desk to let my mentor know I have arrived. He then sends me down to the BCI room where I help out the staff in any tasks they may need assistance in. If they have files that need to be organized and stored away I take over that task. On certain occasions I am sent down to the courtroom to witness how they operate things, or the cctv center to learn about dispatch. Personally I enjoy every single day at internship because the men and women who operate the police department are so friendly and always striking conversation. Every day I get to learn about what you donít know see on tv. I get a behind the scene look at how a police department is run and all the different jobs inside a station other then being an officer.

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