Student Information

Student Name

Sagida Shatursun




Internship Information

Company/Organization: Englewood Hospital and Medical Center

Mentor(s):Vindra Marsoubian, Carol Hoth

Topic of Internship


Background Information

Englewood Hospital and Medical Center was built in 1888 as a non-profit, non-sectarian voluntary health care facility on Engle Street in Englewood, New Jersey. It officially opened on June 14, 1890 in a 12 bed wooden building on a three-acre tract of land and has then continued to grow and expand on its commitment to “the care, maintenance and cure of the sick, the injured and the infirm.” Englewood Hospital provides patients with not only the highest level of compassionate care, but also the most advanced treatments, diagnostic services and state-of-the-art clinical programs. The Hospital also thrives in teaching students and residents about the necessary care and communication in the community whilst training them in a variety of disciplines, including internal medicine, critical care medicine, surgery, pediatrics, podiatry, and pathology. Englewood Hospital is home to a large amount of accredited departments including bloodless medicine and surgery, cardiac and vascular and its breast care, oncology and joint replacement services. Englewood Hospital has earned numerous accreditations from the Joint Commission and other organizations and is in the six percent of hospitals nationwide honored with the prestigious Magnet nursing award. Diagnostic Radiology contains a highly trained and specialized staff of registered technologists and Board Certified and Fellowship trained radiologists that possess the expertise needed for accurate diagnosis. Englewood Hospitals advanced technology has made much advancement in technology with the addition of a digital system in the Department of Radiology that enables the immediate transfer and access of diagnostic images throughout the Medical Center and to appropriate medical professionals.

Summary of Internship

Every week, I go to the Volunteer department with my uniform on and I sign in at the computer with my login and department number. I then immediately report to the angio Department of Radiology where I can see the schedule for the day and observe different procedures. The plans for the day change as weeks go by, and I can expect to never see the same thing every day because everything is a new experience. There are many common procedures done in Radiology such as fistulas, dialysis, catheter/picc insertion or placement of stents. When the patient is always changing however, there never seems to be a boring day at internship. Some days, internship will be pretty slow, and some will be so packed that I feel like there is no free time. I am never put to serious work by the nurses or technicians of Radiology, but I am thankful for this.

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