Student Information

Student Name

Shaylah Brewer




Internship Information

Company/Organization: Academies @ Englewood Counseling

Mentor(s):Ms. Nicole Syperski

Topic of Internship

Psychology/ College Counseling

Background Information

The Academies@ Englewood is an academies program of Dwight Morrow High in Englewood,NJ. Students apply and are accepted to attend this school of choice program from various towns in Bergen, Hudson and Passaic Counties. AE offers career academies for students of exceptional merit. There are five academic focuses: Law and Public Safety,Information Systems, Pre- Engineering, Finance and Bio- Medicine. Eacg academy focus adds to high school curriculum that is demanding and rich in academic chalenge. Students are encouraged to exceed their own expectations as well as those of their parents and teachers.

Summary of Internship

Interning at the Academies @ Englewood in the school counselng department has been such a great opportunity for me. I was able to learn about many new things whether it had something to do with financial aid,summer programs and scholarships, or about the steps that I would have to take in college to get a doctorate degree that would be more focused on my career and what i would like to explore in the psychology field. My mentor Ms.Nicole Syerski explains everything thorougly and always has the time to help me gain more knowledge within the Psychology field. Some of her past experience within the department helped me think about which type of psychology i would really enjoy studying. During internship I am expected to do some of the basic work such as, filing papers, or simply putting up information on the bulletin board.With every task, I gain more knwoledge about different colleges and different caareers and how finacial aid truly works. I think this internship is beneficial because it helps me get more preparedd for college since i will be studying pyschology, it gives me the oportunity to help my fellow classmates who are also getting ready to graduate and brach out into the rea world. I also was able to get an incite on different types of psychology with pros and cons about them all.

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